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Hello! I'm Sarah
  • Hello! I'm Sarah

  • I feel lucky to call myself a wedding photographer, but I'm also an avid traveler, wannabe gardener, social science nerd, and wife to a really creative mathematician. I want your wedding photos to be the kind that take you back to the moment in a real, meaningful way. I'm based in Bellingham, WA, and I’ve shot hundreds of weddings across the country during the past ten years, from Seattle to Chicago to New York.
What you can expect
  • What you can expect

  • I'm a moment-driven photographer, with an eye for the romantic. That means you'll see authenticity and real emotion in my photos. While I spend a small portion of the wedding day creating the necessary portraits, my passion lies in pursuing the moments that will be meaningful to look back on throughout the years. Capturing true, authentic joy is what I love most about photographing weddings!
Let's meet!
  • Let's meet!

  • I host consultations by appointment in my Bellingham studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Or, if you're like many of my nationwide clients, please shoot me an email and let's FaceTime!