Amanda + John | Winery Wedding Photos

Amanda and John are experts in e-mail and telephone communication. Throughout much of their engagement and wedding planning, John has been stationed in Afghanistan. He arrived home with only about a week to spare before the big day! And as a trade off for all of the responsibility Amanda took on with the planning, John planned the honeymoon. Amazingly, he kept their destination a secret until announcing it at their rehearsal dinner. (Aruba!) It was such a great celebration to be able to see them finally at this wedding day, after all of the long distance … finally together to celebrate with family and friends.

Amanda is a representative for a large cosmetics company and does wedding day makeup for other brides. So when her wedding day came around, she did her makeup herself! I love this last minute check of her job well-done in the mirror. (As you know, I’m kind of a sucker for interesting mirror shots.)

Amanda’s bouquet was full of subtle changing colors. Everything from white to pink to brown to purple to red. LOVED IT!

I think she rocked her bridal makeup, don’t you? Seriously, she did it herself! You might even want to hire her.

And John didn’t look too shabby either:

I love this shot of the guys. John’s son might even take the trophy for the guy with the coolest attitude! I think he and his dad have the same expressions and it was so much fun to see them goofing around the whole day.

Can someone please tell me the secret to getting my eyes to sparkle like this too? WOW! Check out her dad’s excitement in the reflection.

Not only did Amanda’s dad walk her down the aisle, but he turned right around and officiated the ceremony as well. Talk about responsibility, and he handled it flawlessly. The ceremony and reception took place at Valenzano Winery in Shamong, NJ, which is really quite close to Philadelphia and an absolutely stellar location. The clouds were really speeding by and made for an AWESOME backdrop. What a gorgeous day!

As they read their vows to each other, there was so much emotion. It was like time was standing still. So very beautiful.

You knew everyone was feeling the emotion in their vows when John’s son wiped away a tear.

Here’s the kiss, with a proud dad in the background. I love the combination of colors in this exit shot!

He’s a cool kid and he knows how to blow those wedding bubbles:

Reception prettiness. Just lovely!

I was a big fan of Amanda and John’s DJs (Platinum Entertainment), who passed out fun props which made for great party images.

And then, a little later into the reception, we hit the golden light jackpot:

This was one of those times where I saw the light was changing and I wanted to catch it, so we stepped away from the reception for just a five-minute photo walk. It’s worth it folks!

As the dancing went on, Amanda changed into a shimmery party dress and I had no choice but to make some rockstar-like images of these two. (That’s a camouflage garter around John’s arm, if you’re wondering.) :)

Amanda and John, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day in photos. Enjoy your time in Aruba!!


  • John & Amanda Mathes said:

    Hi Sarah!

    What a fantastic day for us both and we couldn't have been happier that you where there to capture every moment. You where patient and kind when it was a long an tiring but yet the most exciting day! Seeing just a sneek peek of the pics from the day just makes me so thrilled to see the rest! We thank you for EVERYTHING! We see it is all worth it! Never mess with a creative persons eye...let them do their job and in the end you get the most AMAZING shots a bride or groom could ask for. Lesson well learned: ) Thank you so very much!

    The New Mr. & Mrs. Mathes

  • Sarah said:

    Amanda and John - I'm so thrilled that you're thrilled with your photos. I absolutely love what I do, and it means so much to me to hear your kind words!

  • Lisa Walsh said:

    It's *so* hard to wait patiently for my wedding season to start when you keep posting up fabulous wedding images! These are Amanda's makeup looks gorgeous (and I noticed her sparkly eyes in the second photo, before you even mentioned it). I think her bouquet is one of the nicest I've ever seen...I have to agree with you on the great color combination. 2 thumbs up, girl!!

  • Sarah said:

    Lisa - I can't wait for your wedding season to start either so I can start drooling over your images. :) Thanks so much for your comments!

  • Pratik said:

    Hey Sarah,
    Here I am finally commenting.... I think the above pics are really amazing, especially the second last one. Its really creative.

  • Sarah said:

    Thanks, Pratik! Great to see you hanging around the blog!

  • michelle said:

    Love that little ring bearer. Lookin' all tough in the hotel shot, but you caught him tearing up during the ceremony. Love it!

  • Hasti said:

    These are AMAZING...
    I wish you be in my wedding party.