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leaving on a jet plane

I’m so excited to make a quick trip this weekend back to Michigan (where I grew up) to attend Rob and Elsbeth’s wedding!

That’s all. Just thought I should mark the occasion with a blog post. ;)


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Cherry blossoms, Murakami, and larger-than-life sushi

I often neglect to take photos just for my personal enjoyment. I certainly enjoy the results from a particularly creative engagement session, and thrive on the thrill of capturing the “moments” at weddings, but I can still forget about the joy of shooting strictly for my own reward. Not so this past weekend.

Maybe it was the inspiration of another gorgeous spring day, or the vibrant colors and patterns of the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum that inspired me. Or, it could have been the cherry blossoms celebrating Hanami at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Yeah, I think it was all of this plus the totally rad, larger-than-life sushi pillows. Check this out:

A few from the gardens …

Finally, I had to show you this time-lapsed photography movie created by Dave Allen, Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Web Manager. Spectacular work, Dave!

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that happy spring feeling

It’s really spring! Thank the Lord! And what better way to celebrate than to take a stroll (or many strolls) through Central Park to enjoy the flowering trees, blue sky, and beautiful daylight. My brother Jordan was in town this past week, and we spent a pretty significant amount of time in the city, walking through various sections of Central Park more times than I can count. Here’s a shot that just says “spring” to me. I hope it gives you that happy spring feeling too.

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