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I’m gearing up for a highly-anticipated wedding tomorrow and just wanted to post a quick link to one of my favorite wedding planning sites. It’s not really a site of photography to inspire me, but more a place to remember what it’s like to plan a wedding, and what it means to reach the big day. I like to put myself back into ‘bride land’ every once in a while to get me thinking from my couples’ perspectives. Maybe I’m having wedding planning withdrawals after five years of marriage! Either way, if you’re in need of some helpful wedding planning advice, inspiration, or just a little laugh, check out the latest post on the blog.

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The Windy City

I visited Chicago last month and slacked in the blog posting department. I really love Chicago. It’s the city I remember visiting the most when I was a kid, and I don’t think I ever had a bad time there. So much to see and do … there’s just a great feel to this city. I’m still a fan. Here are a few shots from a short morning cruise up the Chicago River.

Can you feel the movement from the lens flare? I love that feeling. Makes me wonder what I’d see if I got my hands on a video camera … next up, Sarah Postma films a movie? Probably not, but a gal can dream.

I’ve always loved these buildings. Cars on the bottom, condos on the top:

Ah, the unsuspecting tourists. Yep, I got a shot of you …

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Season and Chris - 08.08.08

Love the repetition of dates … last year’s 07/07/07 wedding was a precursor to this year’s 08/08/08. Will there be a 09/09/09? I’m guessing not; it’s a Wednesday. But I’m up for it if someone is!

Here are a few gems from the wedding of Season and Chris. Enjoy!

They were married at Church of our Saviour in Secaucus, NJ. What a sweet little space for an intimate wedding ceremony …

Loved the color in the bridesmaids’ bouquets …

After a quick thunderstorm between ceremony and family portrait time, we caught this sweet light at Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken. Love it!!

Dad and daughter. So sweet …

Folks, you just never know what a groomsman might do at a wedding reception …

Congratulations again, Season & Chris!

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Jeanne and Neil - July 26, 2008

It’s not every year that a photographer shoots the weddings of two couples with identical names. In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve even had two couples in the past five years who had an identical name combo! But, this year, this was pretty cool.

My second Jeanne and Neil (only second in the date, not in the quality of the wedding!) were married in an outstanding, brightly-lit, little white church in the woods, Pilgrim Congregational in Warren, NJ. Loved it. Loved the way the light shone through the church windows, loved Jeanne’s easy-going attitude, loved that Neil appeared to be the happiest man alive the whole day.

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