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Amanda & John - New Jersey Wedding Photography at Valenzano Winery

Amanda and John are experts in e-mail and telephone communication. Throughout much of their engagement and wedding planning, John has been stationed in Afghanistan. He arrived home with only about a week to spare before the big day! And as a trade off for all of the responsibility Amanda took on with the planning, John planned the honeymoon. Amazingly, he kept their destination a secret until announcing it at their rehearsal dinner. (Aruba!) It was such a great celebration to be able to see them finally at this wedding day, after all of the long distance … finally together to celebrate with family and friends.

Amanda is a representative for a large cosmetics company and does wedding day makeup for other brides. So when her wedding day came around, she did her makeup herself! I love this last minute check of her job well-done in the mirror. (As you know, I’m kind of a sucker for interesting mirror shots.)

Amanda’s bouquet was full of subtle changing colors. Everything from white to pink to brown to purple to red. LOVED IT!

I think she rocked her bridal makeup, don’t you? Seriously, she did it herself! You might even want to hire her.

And John didn’t look too shabby either:

I love this shot of the guys. John’s son might even take the trophy for the guy with the coolest attitude! I think he and his dad have the same expressions and it was so much fun to see them goofing around the whole day.

Can someone please tell me the secret to getting my eyes to sparkle like this too? WOW! Check out her dad’s excitement in the reflection.

Not only did Amanda’s dad walk her down the aisle, but he turned right around and officiated the ceremony as well. Talk about responsibility, and he handled it flawlessly. The ceremony and reception took place at Valenzano Winery in Shamong, NJ, which is really quite close to Philadelphia and an absolutely stellar location. The clouds were really speeding by and made for an AWESOME backdrop. What a gorgeous day!

As they read their vows to each other, there was so much emotion. It was like time was standing still. So very beautiful.

You knew everyone was feeling the emotion in their vows when John’s son wiped away a tear.

Here’s the kiss, with a proud dad in the background. I love the combination of colors in this exit shot!

He’s a cool kid and he knows how to blow those wedding bubbles:

Reception prettiness. Just lovely!

I was a big fan of Amanda and John’s DJs (Platinum Entertainment), who passed out fun props which made for great party images.

And then, a little later into the reception, we hit the golden light jackpot:

This was one of those times where I saw the light was changing and I wanted to catch it, so we stepped away from the reception for just a five-minute photo walk. It’s worth it folks!

As the dancing went on, Amanda changed into a shimmery party dress and I had no choice but to make some rockstar-like images of these two. (That’s a camouflage garter around John’s arm, if you’re wondering.) :)

Amanda and John, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day in photos. Enjoy your time in Aruba!!


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Yaeko & Eric - New York Wedding Photography - Fort Tryon Park

Yaeko and Eric probably thought it was going to rain on their wedding day. From their love story you’d have expected a rainy day too. They met on a rainy day. Their first date was on a snowy day in which the New York Times published the article, “In Wind, Snow, Cold and Frustration, a Dangerous Storm.” On the day of their engagement in Kyoto, Japan, rain was also falling. They were due for a rain-free day.

Still, the threat of thunderstorms loomed and sprinkles fell the morning of May 16. And then, an hour before the ceremony, the sky cooperated. The folks at the New Leaf Cafe even waited until the very last moment to make the call to hold the ceremony outdoors!

But first, here are a couple of shots as they went about their preparations for the day.

Here’s Yaeko. (I have this thing with double mirrors and the rule of thirds. I can’t help it!) ;)

And here’s Eric.

I couldn’t hold back from posting almost ALL of my favorite images from the First Look. If ever there was a wedding that proved it’s ALL GOOD to see each other before their ceremony, this was the one.

I love how I can’t plan for any particular expression. It’s so beautiful and so genuine!

This image has so much emotion and sparkle. I love it.

Aren’t they perfect?

The ceremony was at the Linden Terrace of Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. The backlight and glow through the trees was really phenomenal. You’d never know it was meant to thunderstorm.

A traditional moment of Japanese sake sipping …

Music is important to both of them (Eric went to Juilliard) and the string quartet received a standing ovation from guests!

One of my absolute favorites:

This was my third wedding this May, and the third bride in a row with a peony bouquet!

We had time for a ton of photos after the ceremony in the beautiful evening light. Even though there are so many other tender moments, I just thought this image epitomized Yaeko and Eric’s natural silliness. :) Either their timing was a little off or Eric can jump really high!

Yaeko folded all of the origami favors for her guests. Each was completely unique!

And as much as I would like, this post can’t go on forever. ;) I’ll leave you with a sweet dancing shot:

Oh, OK. And one more with their dog, Ringo. It’s out of order, but oh-so cute!

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Krista & Jason - A New Jersey Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Even though this isn’t a sneak peak for Krista & Jason (they’ve already seen all their photos) I wanted to post a few of my faves from their engagement session two weeks ago. These two will be married in June of 2010, and have just about every major part of their day planned already. Krista’s clearly a meticulous planner, and I think it’s making it even harder for her to wait patiently one more year to do wedding photos! :) Maybe we’ll just have to schedule a “Day Before” photo session instead of a “Day After” session if they can’t wait any longer to don their wedding attire. ;) But, time flies, as they say. Really, it does.

I have two more weddings to shoot this weekend, and I’m going to follow that up with a much-needed relaxing Monday. I may need a massage instead of a barbeque this Memorial Day. But, I digress… Here are a few photos of this super cute couple! By the way, this session took place at the NJ Botanical Gardens at Skylands.

P.S. I have another post coming up very soon from Yaeko and Eric’s wedding! Stay tuned!

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Kathryn & Rommel - New Jersey Wedding Photography

Kathryn and Rommel were married about a week ago in a gorgeous ceremony and had a remarkably rain-free day after a week of steady precipitation. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites!

She’s gorgeous isn’t she? :)

The light shining in through the church windows was just unbelievable.

The newlyweds!

We had time for some portraits before the reception:

The View on the Hudson in Piermont, NY. Wow - what a great place!

Finally, I just love the look Rommel is giving to Kathryn in this photo from the first dance:

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Kristen & Brad - A New Jersey Wedding - Rutherford and Il Villaggio

It was a rainy day. Drizzly, cloudy … seemed rather dreary at first. But as soon as I arrived at Kristen’s parents’ house, I knew this was a bride who could handle a rainy day. Kristen was calm, happy, and completely at ease with her wedding day. She could even be heard calming her parents’ nerves; her own nerves apparently solid as steel. Not to be deterred by drizzles, she handled our outdoor photo sessions like a pro.

First of all, if you want to have a giddy photographer on your wedding day, chose peonies for your bouquet! omg, they smell like heaven. And check out the floating dress!

Being the father of the bride is a tough job, but dad seemed pretty calm as daughter helped him with his tie. Sweet as sugar!

There’s nothing better than a pair of Monolo Blahniks:

Unless you’re the bride. Then, you just might be sweeter than your shoes:

These two angelic darlings are the bride’s nieces:

I wasn’t joking when I said Kristen was cool and relaxed despite the rain:

In fact, all the ladies were pretty relaxed, even if we did get our shoes a little muddy for this shot:

And what would a wedding day be without a relaxed groom:

The ceremony:

I love catching a “just before the exit” shot from the back of the church:

And then the joy of the exit!

A few of the first moments alone as husband and wife:

How amazing is Il Villaggio as a reception venue?! This was probably one of the first times I enjoyed having a mirror behind the head table. (Ususally it’s quite a trick for us photo folks to compose images sans ourselves when a mirror is directly behind the bride and groom!) The cake was beautiful and I loved the candles and the glow of the room.

And finally, a tender moment from the first dance.

Kristen and Brad, I hope you’re having an amazing time on your honeymoon! I have to admit, I’m a little jealous you’re in Costa Rica. :)


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