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Seattle Sunshine

Hello from sunny Seattle! Just wanted to post a quick note that I’m away from the NY/NJ area until July 9, and will try my best to return e-mails and calls within a few days from receiving them while I’m away.

And because a blog post is not a blog post with out a photo, here’s a goofy camera phone shot I got this morning as I was walking around the Seattle waterfront. Did you know Dwight was a Seattle Mariners fan? I didn’t either.

P.S. It really is sunny here in the Pacific Northwest. The forecast is for 70 degrees and sunshine for the rest of the week. Oh, and I have a great post coming up in the next few days from Neha & Joe’s beautiful wedding from last weekend. Stay tuned!


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A rainy Boston weekend and some ducklings

This past weekend I spent a day-and-a-half in Boston with my husband. We’d never been to Boston before, so I was really looking forward to it. Of course we were met with some very annoying rain, but even so managed to take a stroll through Boston Common with our trusty umbrellas. (Even if they didn’t do much for the wind and “swirly” rain!) Anyway, I just thought I’d share a few random images to document that I finally visited Boston. :)

Here’s a quick peek out from under my umbrella at these amazing puff ball flowers that are in the public garden area of the Common. I kind of get a kick out of the other umbrellas in the background.

I stood here mesmerized by the flowers for a little while. I think Joe spent most of the time on the phone with his dad. It was Father’s Day, after all. :) (I did call my dad, too. Hi, Dad!)

I don’t know if you noticed already, but the squirrel in this next photo is totally going in for whatever she’s feeding the birds. We found that squirrels around the Common had no issues with begging.

I was only walking around with a 50mm lens so I had to get quite close to this guy, but really … this is how hilarious (and friendly) the squirrels are in Boston. He didn’t even care that I was but 3 feet away.

And finally, who would have thought I could ever get this close to a momma duck and her sleeping ducklings? Maybe the rain was just drowning out the sound of my footsteps? But, oh my, these little guys were pretty cute.

Fun times. :)


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Aimee & Eric - A New Jersey Engagement Session - Lambert Castle

I spent a morning last week with Aimee and Eric at Lambert Castle in Paterson, NJ. The castle might seem a place reserved only for fairy-tale wedding dress photos (I’ve done a number of formal portraits of brides and grooms here), but I’ve been finding it to be a great spot for engagement sessions as well. Not only does it offer a very cool building (after all, it is a castle!) but also a beautiful park area that adds another dimension to photos.

I often tell my couples to simply talk amongst themselves as I’m photographing them. When I checked back in with Aimee and Eric after shooting these images at a distance, they told me they were reminiscing about their love story. (Aw!) They met when they were 15 and although they say they tried to go their separate ways a few times through high school and college, they always kept coming back to each other. Aimee said to me, “We never thought we’d really end up together, and now look at us!” Yes, look at them! In many of their images they do look to be inseparable. :)

They also brought along their 8-month old dog, Jax, who was such a cutie. I was glad to get a few images of him even if he did just want to play the whole time! And I guess he stole the show a bit since he even got his own individual portrait.

Like I said, there’s a great park setting, and then check out the Castle!

And finally, I love the feeling in this image. These two have a chemistry that is so awesome!

Thanks again you two for a great session. I loved hanging out with you and I can’t wait for your wedding in October!


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Christine & Drew - A New Jersey Wedding at The Mansion at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Christine and Drew planned a “detail” wedding. When I first met them in January, Christine could already tell me all about her flowers, her dress, the venue, Chinese traditions they wanted to incorporate, everything. As the date approached, she’d e-mail me notes like, “I even want a picture of the soles of my shoes.” OK, so I’ve not heard that one before, but I was getting more excited for this wedding with every e-mail and chat we had. (You’ll see soon why the soles of her shoes were important.) :) And to help me make all this detail capturing possible, I was pleased to have Nicole Haley along as my second photographer. A big thanks to Nicole for being there for me!

So let’s get started with some photos. Here’s Christine’s PERFECT dress.

Here’s a peek at some of the eastern and western jewelry Christine incorporated into her day. The jade was incredible with her red Chinese dress later in the evening.

I actually held my breath in the peacefulness of this moment when I looked over and saw Christine’s mom admiring her bouquet…

And again, the feeling was SO PERFECT in this silhouette image of mother helping daughter into her dress.

I promised you a “sole” shot!

I love, love, love when the art in a hotel room actually works for a portrait. But I’d say Christine is what really makes this image shine.

Here’s what rocks about having a second shooter along for the details. This is what Nicole captured while I was working on Christine’s portraits.

Drew was nervous to see his bride for the first time, but I think I managed to get a fairly relaxed shot here.

And the moment of their “First Look.” Love this, folks!

Perfect hair and makeup … some of the only moments you’ll have alone together on your wedding day … beautiful romantic portraits … that’s what a first look is all about. :)

These were shot right before the ceremony. You can never go wrong with window light and I love that Christine saw something hilarious out the window for a new take on a traditional image. :)

Now, on to the ceremony. This just might have been the best flower girl ever. Ever.

I love the tradition of both parents walking the bride down the aisle. I did the same thing at my wedding and have seen it done more and more each year. That’s the Mansion at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Madison campus in the background. It’s an AMAZING setting for a wedding.

Is it just me, or is that a heart in the blue sky? I know. Girly of me to notice, but there’s no Photoshop here! :)

A slightly different take on one of my favorite detail shots to capture during the ceremony. The before the ring is put on shot.

Gotta have a kiss.

(Wow. Is this blog post still going on? So many images to share!)

Some black and whites!

Because they had an early afternoon ceremony, it was so great to use natural light cascading in through the windows of The Mansion during their reception.

As the evening went on, we took a few moments to get some fun images in Christine’s red dress. These two really have a ton of fun with each other. Even though Drew was “done” with photos, he pretty much set up this shot when he asked if he could take his jacket off. Nice work, Drew!

You know it’s a good party when the bride and her mother lead the dancing.

And I’ll leave you with a sweet moment. Love it!

Christine and Drew, what an awesome, awesome, wedding you had. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. All my best to you!


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