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Danny, Kate & Isaac ~ Portraits in Central Park

I was so honored to photograph this beautiful family in Central Park last month. Little Isaac is a bubbly, sweet, adorable 1-year-old, and his mom, Kate, is a relative of a friend of mine from college. It was such a treat to spend some time capturing images of Isaac’s personality and also a few of the complete family!

Isaac’s eyes rock my socks off:

Again. Those eyes! And the whole family sure is stunning.

This shot is a favorite of mine. I’ve overlooked this bridge and tree as a backdrop before. I’m not going to miss it next time I’m in Central Park.

We managed to capture a few of Kate & Danny alone too. They had planned to do a “day-after” wedding portrait session in their wedding attire, but because of an unlucky chain of events with their wardrobe, we settled on a family session instead. Hopefully we’ll still get another try in their wedding attire at a later date!

Once we got out this bright blue bouncy-ball, Isaac sure let us know how much fun he was having. :)

What a sweet little man!

Thanks again to Danny, Kate & Isaac for a great session!


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Jennifer + Paul ~ Wedding

A few from Jennifer and Paul’s gorgeous July wedding!

I think this is one of my absolute favorite processional images yet:

The very happy couple. Gorgeous!

And how about this? Taking the whole cake as revenge for smeared frosting on his face … :)

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Sheila + Jon ~ A Wedding in Tenafly, NJ

Let’s continue with my tardy blogging streak. (Finally, I’m a blogging machine today!) Of course, Sheila and Jon have been enjoying all of their photos for weeks now, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you, my loyal (or not so loyal anymore) blog readers. :)

The dress:

LOVED the perfect lilies in her bouquet. And Sheila’s mom’s beautiful reaction to seeing her daughter as a bride:

A bagpiper announced the ceremony … and guests loved it! (So did I.)

A beautifully emotional processional:

One of my favorite things to do is capture both the bride and groom’s faces during the ceremony.

The light in this church was simply fabulous.

The reception was held at the Clinton Inn Hotel in Tenafly, NJ, which was right across the street from the church they were married in. The Tenafly police were kind enough to simply stop traffic for the wedding guests as they crossed the road!

The fabulous bride and groom.

The look between them is lovely, and it’s always fun when the bride gives a speech. Jon approved. :)

This was one outstanding group of wedding guests who got the dancing started right away!

Jon’s sons and their friends hit the dance floor too.

And I just adore this shot!

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Beautiful Baby Aiden ~ Grand Rapids Michigan Newborn Photography

I told you I was doing a lot of family and children’s photography last month, right? Well, one of the highlights of all that extra-curricular photography was this newborn session. And as I’ve said before, because I specialize in weddings and don’t typically do many children’s sessions, this was actually one of the few newborn sessions I’ve ever done. (I mean, I can still count them on one hand!) What made it a real highlight for me is that this baby is my former college roommate’s first child … and I just happened to be in town for a wedding the week he was born! I love it when things work out so perfectly.

This photo melts my heart every time I look at it:

Little hands!

Little feet!

Nose kisses! And what a perfect sleeper (during the day). :)

Got a couple while he was awake!

But I just love the sleeping ones …

Welcome to the world, Aiden!


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A fun family session - Lake Michigan

I promised to blog a few more of this super fun family. Now that a few weeks have gone by, I’ve shot a couple more weddings, done a few more portrait sessions, and processed a mountain of images, I’m finally getting around to blogging! Don’t worry, I think it was just a phase … I’m not going to turn back into the blogger I once was. (The one that only blogged once a month!) I’m back. And better than before. And, apparently, going all out with the cliches.

I guess you could say I’m a one-track sort of photographer. Weddings are my thing. I market myself only as a wedding photographer on my main website (I know. Crazy, right?), but I do get the occasional request for family photos from my wedding clients. July was one of those months where it seemed most of my clients were requesting family sessions, whether it was for themselves or their siblings, cousins, etc. And all of these families had children of varying ages, from newborn to 6. So, I welcomed the change of pace, and also the challenge of children’s photography!

You’ve already seen a similar image from the last post, but I really like this wider version. And I think they did too, as a 20×30 canvas print of it will soon adorn the wall of their family room!

I never expect kids to sit and smile for the camera too much, so I like to work to capture personalities rather than cheesy smiles. The beach proved the perfect location for that as these little guys took full advantage of the great expanse of the beach, running everywhere.

And, I’ll admit, they did look pretty cute when we actually lined them up in a row.

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