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AG Silver - Michigan - New York Band Photography

Continuing my bout of non-wedding photography work in January, here’s a fun concert shoot of Michigan-based band AG Silver.

I met these guys back in high school, and they were in town this week to play a fantastic showcase at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City. They did an unbelievable job, and I thought it would only be fitting to blog a slideshow with their music, rather than just a few images. Enjoy!

AG Silver

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Modeling Shoot with Lauren Amanda

I love January. For me, it means time to re-focus, be creative, and experiment with my photography. When I’m not shooting a lot of weddings in the winter, I find that stepping into other non-wedding realms of photography is invigorating and valuable.

So, when my friend Marco Sagliocco told me that he got a new set of studio lights and wanted to test them out (and that he had an amazing model coming in to photograph), I got excited. Marco has been a great advocate of my photography and referred many wedding clients to me, so I was really happy to finally be able to return his kindness by sharing some of my photography knowledge with him. He’s recently been taking the modeling photography circuit by storm, and I’m so excited for his new endeavor.

Now, technically, I do some of these same techniques on a wedding day with off-camera flashes but it’s really great to work with more powerful lights and “real” softboxes in a controlled environment. We shot with just one or two lights, depending on the look we were going for, and focused on giving Marco a good foundation for his future with these lights.

I should really thank the amazingly beautiful Lauren Amanda for spending her Monday evening modeling for us, and make-up expert Ashley Simon for her styling artistry. And let me add: there’s no Photoshop facial retouching here! Incredible.

Friends, here’s what I can do when I dig up my studio lighting knowledge. This shoot was so much fun!

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Check these two out!

I just received a mobile photo from my friend Kim who is enjoying one of the biggest photographer trade shows of the season in Nashville, TN - ImagingUSA. It’s hosted in a different city each year by Professional Photographers of America. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the conference this year, but I’m definitely enjoying the tweets and Facebook statuses of my fellow photogs who are there learning lots and enjoying all of the photo industry excitement!

Sarah and Drew’s super-cute CD case is on display in the MpixPro booth at ImagingUSA. How cool is that? I love it that my clients are looking fabulous while thousands of photographers stop by the MpixPro booth!

Did I mention I LOVE MpixPro for printing/assembling all of my DVD cases and image boxes? They totally rock!


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New Year Album Sale!

Would you like to get 20% off your album? You can! If you have not yet ordered an album from your wedding or portrait session (anything photographed before 2010), now is the best time to do it!

Here’s the deal: any album ordered, designed, and approved for print before February 15, 2010, will be 20% off regular price. AND, any sized copy of that album (ie. parent albums) will be 35% off regular price. Give me a call or e-mail and let’s get started on designing a gorgeous custom album for you to enjoy!

(Sorry, this sale does not apply to albums already purchased, or albums for events that have not yet occurred.)

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a photo a day …

Hello, lovely blog readers. Did I forget to tell you that I started a fun personal photo project? It’s a 365-day photo journal!

I’ve been known to snap a few iPhone photos every day, but very few people ever see them besides myself. So, on January 1, 2010, I set-up a tumblr blog (via my iPhone!) and started a new daily ritual. I’ll be posting mostly iPhone camera photos there, but I’m sure I’ll add a shot or two from my “real” camera as well.

Ultimately, my goal with the photo-a-day project is to remind myself of the little things in life, and the luxury that I have in carrying a little camera with me at all times (albeit my 1st Generation iPhone’s tiny lens). Anyway, it’s not directly related to my wedding photography, but I thought you might enjoy it. Here’s the link:



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