Modeling Shoot with Lauren Amanda

I love January. For me, it means time to re-focus, be creative, and experiment with my photography. When I’m not shooting a lot of weddings in the winter, I find that stepping into other non-wedding realms of photography is invigorating and valuable.

So, when my friend Marco Sagliocco told me that he got a new set of studio lights and wanted to test them out (and that he had an amazing model coming in to photograph), I got excited. Marco has been a great advocate of my photography and referred many wedding clients to me, so I was really happy to finally be able to return his kindness by sharing some of my photography knowledge with him. He’s recently been taking the modeling photography circuit by storm, and I’m so excited for his new endeavor.

Now, technically, I do some of these same techniques on a wedding day with off-camera flashes but it’s really great to work with more powerful lights and “real” softboxes in a controlled environment. We shot with just one or two lights, depending on the look we were going for, and focused on giving Marco a good foundation for his future with these lights.

I should really thank the amazingly beautiful Lauren Amanda for spending her Monday evening modeling for us, and make-up expert Ashley Simon for her styling artistry. And let me add: there’s no Photoshop facial retouching here! Incredible.

Friends, here’s what I can do when I dig up my studio lighting knowledge. This shoot was so much fun!