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Exciting news! - Now offering Chicago Wedding Photography

I have some big news to share today! Sarah Postma Photography is growing and I’m looking forward to shooting some absolutely amazing weddings throughout the 2010 and 2011 seasons! I’m so grateful to all of my clients, friends, and family who have made my dream of creating meaningful, real photography, a reality for me.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the following:

1. I am now offering wedding photography in Chicago, Illinois!

2. As of October 1, 2010, my office will be based in Chicago!

Now, you might have a few questions to go along with this announcement, so I’ll be clear: Yes, I am still offering wedding photography in New York and New Jersey and have already booked many weddings well into 2011. In fact, nearly all of July 2011 is now booked with NY/NJ weddings, and I’m thrilled that I will continue serving this area. I’d also be happy to shoot your destination wedding, no matter where it might be. My new pricing includes all of my travel to keep things simple (and affordable) for you.

Let me say again, for those weddings already booked with me, absolutely nothing will change. I’m still your photographer, and still completely honored that you have chosen me to create unforgettable images of your wedding. I can’t wait to photograph you!

And one more thing:

To go along with this announcement (because I cannot wait to meet all of you Chicago brides and grooms!), the next couple to book their wedding coverage with me in the Chicagoland area will receive a FREE 20-page, 10×10 ALBUM.

Seriously, what could be better than knowing that a custom-designed, hand-made wedding album is coming your way at no charge to you?! This is a huge savings. Simply give me a call, e-mail, skype, or text, and when you sign your contract reserving me for your wedding, I’ll add a free album to your coverage!

Want to see what my albums look like? Check out the album design below that Nancy and Michael just ordered from their Long Branch, NJ, wedding last October! This hand-made album is being assembled right now and I’m so excited to see it completed soon!

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MS Walk 2010 - Ridgewood New Jersey Event Photography

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph a really amazing walk put on by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I know that the work of the National MS Society is incredibly important in moving toward a world free of MS, and the outpouring of support was certainly evident at Sunday’s walk. I’m always inspired by people supporting each other and coming together for a cause that’s close to their heart. If you’d like to learn more about how to help this great organization, check out their website here.

This was just one of many walks throughout the NYC metro area last weekend, and the turnout was fantastic. Here are a few of my favorite images:

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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, one day late! Or is it? As soon as I said, “Happy Earth Day,” to Joe yesterday, he spouted back, “Isn’t Earth Day everyday?”

Point taken.

He knows me and my slightly obsessive earth-friendly tendencies. It is Earth Day everyday in my world. So, in that spirit, here are a few lovely, earthy frames I shot over the course of the last two weeks. I love this time of year!

Ice cream is totally a gift of Mother Earth, right?!

And a little demonstration of the effect of gravity on Earth:

I absolutely adore this biker’s decorating style. There are so many Metro Cards just thrown on the ground in any given subway station, why not decorate your bike with them?!

The rest of these images are from a wedding I shot with the lovely Jen Baer at the Picnic House in Prospect Park. The floral arrangements and centerpieces were drop-dead gorgeous, and I think I met my new favorite florist in Brooklyn: Sarah Brysk Cohen of Blossom and Branch. Her arrangements are so fresh, natural, and whimsical; I’m in love! Sarah, you rock!

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New Jersey Engagement Session - Jaclynn & Radley

I thought I knew what to expect when I arrived at Jaclynn’s house last Friday. This was to be our final meeting to go through the details for their May wedding and we were also going to shoot an engagement session. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me. But, wait. Something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

I was invited to dinner. :)

That’s right. When I got there, I was greeted by not only Jaclynn and Radley, but pretty much the whole family. On both sides! And their dog too! Radley was in town from his home state of North Carolina and he brought his mother with him. (His mother, who just happens to make the best Southern-style sweet tea ever!) And I knew as soon as I was handed a glass of that tea and invited to sit down for lunch that this day was pretty special.

Jaclynn and Radley, I’m just so honored to have shared such a great meal and conversation with your family. It was absolutely inspiring to see the love between the two of you also so evident in the love of your family. I could just feel it through and through. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

Now, on to the images. I just had to snap a few of the food we ate! We started with this amazing grilled shrimp caesar salad …

And we each enjoyed a nice tall glass of sweet tea while Jaclynn’s sweet dog Lily watched on … :)

They also had Cheerwine, which is a very well-known drink in the Carolinas, where Radley is from. I took a picture, but I’m sad that I didn’t try it! (Maybe it will make an appearance at the wedding?!) Then, we finished up with delicious strawberries drizzled over angelfood cake! Wow, I’m such a lucky photographer to have clients like these!

After we finished up our conversation about all the details of their wedding day, we moved on to some engagement pictures! And Jaclynn and Radley, you two are gorgeous!

This red barn is in Jaclynn’s parents’ back yard. It’s so beautiful! (Just like they are!)

So sweet!

After a few photos near the house, we headed over to the Lebanon, NJ, train station where there are a bunch of old train cars just sitting on the tracks. This was a fantastic place for an engagement session!

They’re both just so much fun! I’m so, so, so excited for the wedding.

This is one of my favorites. Love the emotion in this kiss. Hot!

Then, we spotted a weeping willow tree and I knew this was the perfect time to get some glowy, springy photos! Oh, and the weather was absolutely perfect.

So fierce.

Thank you, thank you again, Jaclynn and Radley for being such a great couple to work with! I cannot wait until the wedding!


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New Jersey Baby and Family Photography - Lily & Family!

Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. I use these words a lot for wedding photography on my blog, but today I reserve these words for an amazingly beautiful, stunningly gorgeous 6-month-old baby! Lily is a 100% happy baby! I’ve never seen her cry, even when I photographed her at two-weeks old back in September. She’s all smiles!

I’m so thankful that Andrea and Mark again allowed me to share a little time with them to capture photos of Lily at this stage in her life. I love baby photography! Check out my favorites from her session:

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