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Andrea + Charlie | A Chicago Engagement Session

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m still giving thanks today, and I’m certainly thankful for my family, friends, and amazing clients like Andrea and Charlie!

Last weekend, I had the joy of spending an afternoon with this amazing couple. We started out at Andrea’s apartment, then wandered through the gorgeous fall colors over to the edge of Roscoe Village, and wrapped up with a glass of wine at Frasca Pizzeria + Wine Bar, the place where they had their first date and also where Charlie popped the question!

I think this is one of the longest engagement photography posts I’ve done on my blog - Andrea and Charlie just had so many amazing moments and were so gracious to keep me along photographing for a couple of hours! I didn’t want to leave; there was so much great photo eye-candy. :) You’re going to love this session.

The art on the walls of Andrea’s apartment was so lovely and the highlight was this gorgeous piece that Andrea purchased from an artist in South Haven, Michigan - the town in which the two will be married next summer!

Love, love, love the photo below:

I had no trouble finding a smile on Andrea’s face!

Charlie is also a talented guitarist. Andrea is one lucky girl.

Andrea’s ring is gorgeous, and I loved the look of diamonds against her gorgeous leather boots. :)

Did I mention Charlie sings too? So dreamy …

Love this moment:

Leaf fight anyone? :) :)

I don’t know what else to say … they are perfect together!

After a wardrobe change, we headed over to Frasca, the most lovely wine bar where they had their first date and then where they got engaged. This place has so much meaning for them, and it sure shows in their faces throughout these photos.

We caught Frasca at one of the rare moments when the restaurant is slow. Just about a half hour later, the dinner rush began and there wasn’t an empty table in the place!

OK, maybe I went overboard on the ring shots, but it was so gorgeous! (As were Andrea and Charlie!)

And finally, we had to grab a photo of the exact table where Charlie proposed!

Andrea and Charlie, thank you so much for the most fabulous Chicago engagement session I could have asked for! And thanks especially for introducing me to Frasca - I’m hooked! I can’t wait for your wedding in June!


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Kaylan + Jake | A Chicago Engagement Session in Millennium Park

Kaylan and Jake are getting married on a cruise next year! What a super lucky couple! Over the weekend, they came to Chicago for their engagement session. I have been meaning to head down to shoot in Millennium Park for a while now, so we spent the afternoon wandering through all of the lovely architecture, public art, and gardens that the park has to offer. I loved how Kaylan and Jake started out the session claiming (as so many do) that they are not photogenic. I whole-heartedly disagree. Check out how sweet they look!

A lot of the trees are already bare here in Chicago, but this row of maples was still fiery red!

So gorgeous!

We also walked around on State Street for a little while. I love this moment:

I couldn’t resist a few photos with the many colors of The Crown Fountain.

We also went underground for a few. Cool!

Sweet, right? I loved this session. :)


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Staci + David | A Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Session

You know what I love? My new city. Chicago is so gorgeous in the fall! You know what else I love? Reuniting with old friends. So, naturally, combining these two things made this engagement session extra fun.

Staci and I go way back. High school. College. We even spent a semester together studying Spanish in Costa Rica in 2002. Now, in just a few days, Staci and David will be tying the knot in Charleston, SC, and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

Shooting their engagement session was such a treat for me. They’ve been living in Chicago for quite a few years now, and I was so happy to incorporate some gorgeous Chicago scenes into their photos. We started out near Cafe Brauer in the Lincoln Park Zoo, made our way past the pavilion,and really enjoyed our time strolling through the amazing new nature boardwalk.

I love their relaxed happiness as a couple and Staci’s lovely blue dress; what’s your favorite part of this engagement session?

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Kellie + Kyle | A Chicago Engagement Session

I still can’t believe my family is hiring me again. Sure, when I was shooting (film!) on the side in college in the early 2000s, they would book a family portrait session here and there, but while I’ve been living thousands of miles away in Washington and New Jersey, the family and friend client stream had more or less fallen flat. Until now.

My cousin-in-law, Kellie, just got engaged and I’m so very honored that she has chosen me to photograph her wedding in Michigan next June. I think I can actually count the number of times I’ve seen Kellie over the past seven years on one hand. But I’m so excited to see that over those same seven years she fell in love with Kyle, and I couldn’t be happier for this couple!

Kellie and Kyle are both talented soccer players in their senior year at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they traveled down to Chicago in between games and classes to do their engagement session with me. I had so much fun! It was amazing to catch up and really get to know them better. We started the session around State Street in downtown Chicago to capture a few images of the Chicago Theatre and then made our way out to Navy Pier. You’re going to love the contrast of images from the city streets, bridges, and buildings to the relaxed carnival feel of Navy Pier. Read on, friends. :) And don’t forget to let Kellie and Kyle know how fabulous they look in the comment section below!

Some love for the Marina City towers:

I also had to grab a shot of one of the lovely Chicago water taxis. They’re about the only taxi in Chicago that you can count on being yellow. I still get a little confused hailing a white or green cab on the streets here since I’m so used to every taxi being yellow in New York!

I love that when we went over to Navy Pier, we also did a wardrobe change. I think it’s fitting to be cozy at such a fun place. (Plus, it was pretty cold outside that day!)

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Florencia + Jason | A Hoboken Engagement Session

I can’t tell you how beyond flattered I am that Florencia and Jason have chosen me to photograph their wedding in New Jersey next year. You see, Florencia is a special kind of bride that I’m so, so grateful for. The kind that told me she bookmarked my site a year ago (my little ole site, really?!), waiting for the day that she could call me to talk about shooting her wedding. Really, I don’t have adequate words to explain how amazing it feels that Florencia told me she saw herself in my photos and just knows … knows … that I will capture her wedding the way that she envisions. For that, I am so thankful. Beyond words. For real.

And so, I bring you some images that are very special to me. Honestly, Florencia’s expectations set the bar high, so I was a little nervous for their shoot. Then, as I was shooting, I realized I had nothing to fear. The love between them was almost palpable - if I just kept shooting with my heart, I’d find the images I was looking for - and hopefully the ones that they were looking for too. I hope that you see that bright light of love in their eyes like I do. I really had the best time with them in Hoboken. :)

These are the moments that I love most in an engagement session …

And this is the laughter that I love most in an engagement session. :)

As the sun was getting lower in the sky, this space of grass and flowing architecture over by the W Hotel really caught my eye.

Florencia’s style rocks. Do you love her shoes, or what?!

I love this final set of images. Just the way that they can be completely cool one moment, totally romantic the next, and then giddy and joyful in a matter of seconds - that gets me. LOVE!

Flo and Jay, I had such a great time with you - and I just can’t say this enough - I’m so honored that you’ve chosen me to photograph your wedding and I can’t wait for July to get here!


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A Thank You, Wedding Albums, Chicago, and much to blog!

This was no ordinary week. I moved 800 miles away from NYC. I was actually a guest at a wedding in Michigan. And I woke up in a new apartment in Chicago.

As I sit here with my short cup of Starbucks Anniversary Blend, using the internet and uploading a wedding to my proofing site, I’m struck with so many feelings. Some are expected - the exhaustion from moving, the frustration that Comcast can’t install my office internet until next Wednesday (how are they always so slow?!), and the excitement that I’m actually here in Chicago. But, I’m also struck with an overwhelming feeling of thanksgiving and a little nostalgia when thinking of New York and New Jersey and the amazing summer of weddings I’ve had there. I guess I’m just not one to move on to the next thing too quickly without reflecting on what’s happened before.

You see, today I really feel it’s necessary to thank you for reading my blog. For being my clients and my friends. For really looking at the images. For commenting so that the beautiful people in these photographs know just how beautiful they really are. For just the few minutes you spend here, whether it’s your first visit or your twenty-fifth, for all of that, I thank you.

And now, how about an update? I’m officially moved in and living in Chicago! My husband is settling in to his new office here, and I’m catching up on the remaining summer wedding and portrait sessions that I have yet to blog. You’ll see a lot of fun things showing up here over the next couple of weeks. I have so much to blog!

Here’s a little preview of what’s in store:

  • First, I thought I’d show you something that arrived today. :) Jillian and Kyle‘s wedding album is in! It looked so amazing when it arrived at my door that I had to snap a few photos. Now that it’s on its way to their home in Pennsylvania, I’m excited to show you a glimpse of what the finished album looks like!

  • Next up, I promise you’ll love Florencia and Jason’s Hoboken, NJ, engagement session. This couple is incredibly gorgeous - and while I was shooting, I learned that Florencia and I have the same birthday! I don’t know how that came up, but somehow we figured out that we’re both February 28 gals. :) And, no, it wasn’t a leap year either of the years that we were born. ;) (Florencia will get that!)

  • Then, a little later, you’ll love the sweet images from Aimee’s newborn baby’s photo session. I love when my wedding clients ask me to photograph their new babies!

  • Also, stay tuned for a real CHICAGO engagement session! Woohoo!

Love you all. You’re the best. Happy Friday. :)


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