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Corinne + Sabino | An Atlantic City Engagement Session

When Corinne called me to schedule engagement pictures in Atlantic City, where she and Sabino were engaged last year, I was pretty excited. Then, she went on to explain their sense of fashion as a couple. That they like to wear coordinating outfits to parties. And they both love shoes. And that they already had three amazing wardrobe changes planned for the shoot. As if her bubbly personality hadn’t already won me over!

By the time I arrived to see them smiling at each other in front of my camera, I was over the moon. Who doesn’t love being around true love? I seriously have the best job in the world!

Corinne and Sabino met when they were just teenagers, have been together for seven years, and will be married in 2011. I think you’ll be able to see just how deeply in love they are. And I think you’ll love their fashion sense as much as I did. Let me repeat - three cute dresses, three suit/pant ensembles, three sweet pairs of shoes. Photographer’s heaven! I am so happy for them, and just can’t wait to share these images!

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Kelly + Chris | An engagement session in Piermont, NY

I love these two! Kelly and Chris didn’t just bring the most gorgeous smiles and light-hearted playfulness to their engagement session - they also brought their energy-filled black lab, Huckleberry! For their engagement photos, we spent some time strolling through glowy-gorgeous sunset light on the trails near the Hudson River in Piermont, New York. I was so excited about the energy between them and the resulting images. Check out a few of my favorites!

Wow, two absolutely fantastic people - who made for absolutely fantastic engagement photos. :) I love that they were both so comfortable in front of the camera. (Even if they didn’t think they would be at first!)

The light was seriously delicious …

Huckleberry was on a mission to play!

And there was some dancing …

They are one cool couple with one very cool dog. :)

Love this shot with the Tappan Zee Bridge behind:

Kelly and Chris - I just can’t wait for your wedding next year! Thanks for being such a cool couple - you’re so much fun to photograph, and even more fun to just be around!


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Jane + Mike | A Jersey City Engagement Session

One of the things I like most about engagement sessions is that I’m really able to spend time making the images a reflection of what’s important and meaningful to my clients. For Jane and Mike, the streets and waterfront of Jersey City - where they’ve lived for a few years - made the perfect backdrop for their engagement pictures. Not only were they familiar with their favorite spots in the area, but it was clear throughout the entire shoot that they were comfortable and happy with each other. Jane and Mike - THANK YOU for a killer engagement shoot! I can’t wait for your wedding this winter!

There is really great art and architecture in Jersey City!

Their session wasn’t all seriousness. There was some silly pointing …

… and some skipping!

I told you - they’re completely happy with each other!

The clouds, sky, and Jersey City’s iconic Goldman Sachs Tower made for some interesting compositions - I had so much fun down here!

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Lauren + Greg | A Long Branch Engagement Session

The beach was the perfect location for Lauren and Greg’s engagement session. They were both so at home walking together in the sand, and equally at home in each other’s arms. My heart melted a few time during this session - real emotion made for gorgeous photographs, and a seriously happy photographer!

We went under the boardwalk for these!

Too cool for school. ;)

Love. ♥

After a break for dinner, we finished up with some fun low-light photography. Who knew a parking lot could look so sexy?

Lauren and Greg, you two make one incredibly beautiful couple. Now, do we really have to wait a whole year for your wedding? :) Thanks again for making this such a fabulous shoot!


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Tori + DJ | A Rutgers Gardens Engagement Session

Tori and DJ inspire me. They laugh a lot. They love what they do. (They’re both teachers.) They truly enjoy each other’s company. They’re real.

In fact, it didn’t take long for them to relax in front of the camera, and almost forget that I was there. They barely stopped smiling at each other. They laughed. DJ recounted funny stories about his childhood. Tori thought they were oh-so-fun to hear. And I realized they just have that connection - something so real in their love. And I loved photographing it!

I feel so honored that I was able to capture their authentic, energizing personalities in these engagement pictures, and I’m so excited for their wedding in August!

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New Jersey Engagement Session - Jaclynn & Radley

I thought I knew what to expect when I arrived at Jaclynn’s house last Friday. This was to be our final meeting to go through the details for their May wedding and we were also going to shoot an engagement session. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me. But, wait. Something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

I was invited to dinner. :)

That’s right. When I got there, I was greeted by not only Jaclynn and Radley, but pretty much the whole family. On both sides! And their dog too! Radley was in town from his home state of North Carolina and he brought his mother with him. (His mother, who just happens to make the best Southern-style sweet tea ever!) And I knew as soon as I was handed a glass of that tea and invited to sit down for lunch that this day was pretty special.

Jaclynn and Radley, I’m just so honored to have shared such a great meal and conversation with your family. It was absolutely inspiring to see the love between the two of you also so evident in the love of your family. I could just feel it through and through. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

Now, on to the images. I just had to snap a few of the food we ate! We started with this amazing grilled shrimp caesar salad …

And we each enjoyed a nice tall glass of sweet tea while Jaclynn’s sweet dog Lily watched on … :)

They also had Cheerwine, which is a very well-known drink in the Carolinas, where Radley is from. I took a picture, but I’m sad that I didn’t try it! (Maybe it will make an appearance at the wedding?!) Then, we finished up with delicious strawberries drizzled over angelfood cake! Wow, I’m such a lucky photographer to have clients like these!

After we finished up our conversation about all the details of their wedding day, we moved on to some engagement pictures! And Jaclynn and Radley, you two are gorgeous!

This red barn is in Jaclynn’s parents’ back yard. It’s so beautiful! (Just like they are!)

So sweet!

After a few photos near the house, we headed over to the Lebanon, NJ, train station where there are a bunch of old train cars just sitting on the tracks. This was a fantastic place for an engagement session!

They’re both just so much fun! I’m so, so, so excited for the wedding.

This is one of my favorites. Love the emotion in this kiss. Hot!

Then, we spotted a weeping willow tree and I knew this was the perfect time to get some glowy, springy photos! Oh, and the weather was absolutely perfect.

So fierce.

Thank you, thank you again, Jaclynn and Radley for being such a great couple to work with! I cannot wait until the wedding!


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