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Anniversary Gifts and the Power of Photography

Joe and I are coming up on our 8-year wedding anniversary. We don’t have a perfect anniversary gift-giving track record, but we’ve always done something nice, whether it’s been dinner at a local restaurant, or a vacation to celebrate. This year, I think we decided that our trip to Washington was part or our anniversary gift to each other. But, then again, we didn’t set that in stone. So, I’ve been thinking about what I could get him for a “real” anniversary gift.

I’m gift-giving challenged. I over-think it and hold out for the PERFECT thing, which really just ends up stressing me out, then buying something quite generic. Hopefully I’ll come up with something better this year.

I found this photo of Joe and me in a drawer a few weeks ago and immediately put it in the kitchen window. I think we look pretty cute as an engaged couple at the beach in Michigan, just weeks before our wedding. And I love thinking of everything that’s happened in our lives since this photo was taken way back in 2003.

I’m so thankful for my talented friend Terry who shot our engagement pictures all those years ago and captured our relationship so well. Perhaps the best gifts on this anniversary will be looking back through old photos and letting all the memories in.

In the meantime, seeing this little gem in the kitchen window sure keeps me happy while doing the dishes.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Thanksgiving Food Drive | Thanks to YOU!

I am so happy to report that after 114 “Likes” on my Nov. 23 blog post and a handful more on various wall posts on Facebook, I was able to donate 132 cans of food on YOUR BEHALF to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Here are a couple of iPhone snaps from Friday, when I bought and delivered the food.

Loading up the cart!

And the full trunk of my Zipcar! (Complete with a snow shovel in case of a blizzard. :))

Thanks, friends! I think I’ll make this an annual thing. Oh, and you know the best part? When a guy in front of me in line at the store saw I was buying so many cans of food, he offered to buy another tray of 12 cans to add to the donation! Thanks, Roger! You’re definitely paying it forward …


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A Thank You, Wedding Albums, Chicago, and much to blog!

This was no ordinary week. I moved 800 miles away from NYC. I was actually a guest at a wedding in Michigan. And I woke up in a new apartment in Chicago.

As I sit here with my short cup of Starbucks Anniversary Blend, using the internet and uploading a wedding to my proofing site, I’m struck with so many feelings. Some are expected - the exhaustion from moving, the frustration that Comcast can’t install my office internet until next Wednesday (how are they always so slow?!), and the excitement that I’m actually here in Chicago. But, I’m also struck with an overwhelming feeling of thanksgiving and a little nostalgia when thinking of New York and New Jersey and the amazing summer of weddings I’ve had there. I guess I’m just not one to move on to the next thing too quickly without reflecting on what’s happened before.

You see, today I really feel it’s necessary to thank you for reading my blog. For being my clients and my friends. For really looking at the images. For commenting so that the beautiful people in these photographs know just how beautiful they really are. For just the few minutes you spend here, whether it’s your first visit or your twenty-fifth, for all of that, I thank you.

And now, how about an update? I’m officially moved in and living in Chicago! My husband is settling in to his new office here, and I’m catching up on the remaining summer wedding and portrait sessions that I have yet to blog. You’ll see a lot of fun things showing up here over the next couple of weeks. I have so much to blog!

Here’s a little preview of what’s in store:

  • First, I thought I’d show you something that arrived today. :) Jillian and Kyle‘s wedding album is in! It looked so amazing when it arrived at my door that I had to snap a few photos. Now that it’s on its way to their home in Pennsylvania, I’m excited to show you a glimpse of what the finished album looks like!

  • Next up, I promise you’ll love Florencia and Jason’s Hoboken, NJ, engagement session. This couple is incredibly gorgeous - and while I was shooting, I learned that Florencia and I have the same birthday! I don’t know how that came up, but somehow we figured out that we’re both February 28 gals. :) And, no, it wasn’t a leap year either of the years that we were born. ;) (Florencia will get that!)

  • Then, a little later, you’ll love the sweet images from Aimee’s newborn baby’s photo session. I love when my wedding clients ask me to photograph their new babies!

  • Also, stay tuned for a real CHICAGO engagement session! Woohoo!

Love you all. You’re the best. Happy Friday. :)


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On Road Trips and Flying Cars

These past seven days have been a bit of a whirlwind in Sarah Postma Photography land! Just last Tuesday and Wednesday I was shooting engagement sessions in Piermont, NY, in the Hudson River Valley, then down the shore in Atlantic City. After that, I spent a day driving to Chicago, enjoyed 4 days in the Windy City, celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary(!), and drove back to NJ yesterday. Whew! All that driving has me thinking about this whole flying car thing I heard about last week. Did you see this?

While I work hard over the next two days to get weddings edited and engagement sessions posted to the blog, I’ll leave you with a few from Chicago and a glimpse into what’s coming up next. These were shot on the 4th of July in Chicago from a boat out on Lake Michigan and while cruising up the Chicago River.

Also, here’s just a peek at the amazingly fun engagement session of Kelly and Chris, which will hit the blog later this week:

And finally a glimpse at Corinne and Sabino’s incredible Atlantic City engagement session also coming soon to the blog:

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Exciting news! - Now offering Chicago Wedding Photography

***** This post is just hanging out on the front page for the next few months. Scroll down to see the latest posts! *****

I have some big news to share today! Sarah Postma Photography is growing and I’m looking forward to shooting some absolutely amazing weddings throughout the 2010 and 2011 seasons! I’m so grateful to all of my clients, friends, and family who have made my dream of creating meaningful, real photography, a reality for me.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the following:

1. I am now offering wedding photography in Chicago, Illinois!

2. As of October 1, 2010, my office will be based in Chicago!

Now, you might have a few questions to go along with this announcement, so I’ll be clear: Yes, I am still offering wedding photography in New York and New Jersey and have already booked many weddings well into 2011. In fact, nearly all of July 2011 is now booked with NY/NJ weddings, and I’m thrilled that I will continue serving this area. I’d also be happy to shoot your destination wedding, no matter where it might be. My new pricing includes all of my travel to keep things simple (and affordable) for you.

Let me say again, for those weddings already booked with me, absolutely nothing will change. I’m still your photographer, and still completely honored that you have chosen me to create unforgettable images of your wedding. I can’t wait to photograph you!

And one more thing:

To go along with this announcement (because I cannot wait to meet all of you Chicago brides and grooms!), the next couple to book their wedding coverage with me in the Chicagoland area will receive a FREE 20-page, 10×10 ALBUM.

Seriously, what could be better than knowing that a custom-designed, hand-made wedding album is coming your way at no charge to you?! This is a huge savings. Simply give me a call, e-mail, skype, or text, and when you sign your contract reserving me for your wedding, I’ll add a free album to your coverage!

Want to see what my albums look like? Check out the album design below that Nancy and Michael just ordered from their Long Branch, NJ, wedding last October! This hand-made album is being assembled right now and I’m so excited to see it completed soon!

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