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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, one day late! Or is it? As soon as I said, “Happy Earth Day,” to Joe yesterday, he spouted back, “Isn’t Earth Day everyday?”

Point taken.

He knows me and my slightly obsessive earth-friendly tendencies. It is Earth Day everyday in my world. So, in that spirit, here are a few lovely, earthy frames I shot over the course of the last two weeks. I love this time of year!

Ice cream is totally a gift of Mother Earth, right?!

And a little demonstration of the effect of gravity on Earth:

I absolutely adore this biker’s decorating style. There are so many Metro Cards just thrown on the ground in any given subway station, why not decorate your bike with them?!

The rest of these images are from a wedding I shot with the lovely Jen Baer at the Picnic House in Prospect Park. The floral arrangements and centerpieces were drop-dead gorgeous, and I think I met my new favorite florist in Brooklyn: Sarah Brysk Cohen of Blossom and Branch. Her arrangements are so fresh, natural, and whimsical; I’m in love! Sarah, you rock!

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Scenes from New York City - February 17-20

During the winter months I spend most of my time collaborating with other photographers, honing my craft, and meeting with new clients for consultations. Over the past few days, much of this work has been taking place in New York City. Every time I have a meeting in the city, I try to do some shooting while I’m there. A week ago, there was snow. Then, this weekend the skies cleared and I found myself looking up much of the time and shooting architectural images.

Often, when I’m toting my camera around with a load of other things, I choose just one lens for the entire day. It’s as much of a personal challenge to shoot at only one focal length as it is simply for practicality. Depending on the day, these photos were shot with either of my little Canon 50mm f1.4 or 28mm f1.8 lenses. Both are great small lenses for fun stuff like this!

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The REAL Winter Wonderland - North Jersey Photography

When I woke up yesterday, this is what I saw. You might be sick of hearing about it, but this former-Michigander still loves her a snow day.

A few interesting compositions out the window.

I overheard one of my friends call it “Slurpee Snow.” Here’s proof in the way it stuck to the windows.

I don’t know if we got the 10 inches that Central Park seems to have reported. I’d say it was around 6-8 inches. This shot was taken at about 4 PM, after the majority of the snow had fallen.

Yep, I’m going to say (in my expert opinion, haha) that we only got about 6-8 inches in Rutherford, NJ. But it sure was beautiful!

Later, Joe and I couldn’t help but take a walk through the bright reflected light at about 10 PM. It’s quite eerie really, shooting at NIGHT in light that allows one to actually HAND-HOLD an iPhone and still get a clear picture. (Yes, this was shot on my iPhone with no editing, but I still think it’s pretty cool.)

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AG Silver - Michigan - New York Band Photography

Continuing my bout of non-wedding photography work in January, here’s a fun concert shoot of Michigan-based band AG Silver.

I met these guys back in high school, and they were in town this week to play a fantastic showcase at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City. They did an unbelievable job, and I thought it would only be fitting to blog a slideshow with their music, rather than just a few images. Enjoy!

AG Silver

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a photo a day …

Hello, lovely blog readers. Did I forget to tell you that I started a fun personal photo project? It’s a 365-day photo journal!

I’ve been known to snap a few iPhone photos every day, but very few people ever see them besides myself. So, on January 1, 2010, I set-up a tumblr blog (via my iPhone!) and started a new daily ritual. I’ll be posting mostly iPhone camera photos there, but I’m sure I’ll add a shot or two from my “real” camera as well.

Ultimately, my goal with the photo-a-day project is to remind myself of the little things in life, and the luxury that I have in carrying a little camera with me at all times (albeit my 1st Generation iPhone’s tiny lens). Anyway, it’s not directly related to my wedding photography, but I thought you might enjoy it. Here’s the link:



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