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What was my favorite part about New Year’s Eve this year? I got to meet these guys. Aren’t they cute?

Sadly, they’re not mine, and I had to leave them behind at the party I was attending. Wish I had a collection like this! A big thank you goes out to Bill for allowing me to take a couple snaps. I guess I’m still drooling.

Happy New Year!


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Washington DC Photo Weekend

Joe took me on a little road trip to DC last weekend. We actually visited Baltimore as well, and ended up only spending about 5 hours in DC, but it was really nice to get away! (After our drive to and from Michigan over Thanksgiving, a drive to Maryland is like a cake walk.) Although it was really cold, we had a great time wandering down the National Mall. My fingers froze and my camera battery was low (it conked out after about a half hour!) but here are a few snaps I thought you might enjoy:

I love it that there were still a few leaves on the trees here, but everyone was still bundled up in their hats and mittens:

Maybe I got a little carried away with the flags. I just enjoyed the patterns.


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Summer Sunset

As I sit here at my desk with a blanket wrapped around me on this chilly morning, I can’t help but wonder where the summer has gone. Maybe you’re all thinking I’m behind the times. (I mean, come on Sarah. Labor Day was weeks ago!) But the truth is, we still technically have four more days until autumn officially sets in. So, I’m celebrating the tiny bit of summer I have left with a few images from my favorite sunset of the season. These were shot on July 17, from the shores of Lake Michigan, the evening before Cassandra & Joe’s wedding. Nothing beats a Lake Michigan sunset.

The delicate colors, clouds, and waves converge to begin the series:

A few daisies join the party:

The colored light plays on the surface of a Petoskey Stone, the state stone of Michigan:

The drama goes into full swing:

More light plays with beach grass and rocks:

A shot directly into the sun produces a fun lens flare:

I went a little ways down the shore to catch the final moments amid some marshy grass:

And the colors of the night set in:

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The beautiful Pacific Northwest

Well, my friends, I’m back safe and sound in the New York metro area but I still have mountains on my mind. :) All of these images from the northwest keep popping up on my computer screen! And I’ll let you in on a little secret: It doesn’t really rain in Seattle in July. Maybe a drizzle here and there, but the majority of the month is sunny and warm. We spent a few days in Seattle and a few more days up in Bellingham, where I lived most recently before moving to New Jersey.

My trip consisted of coffee …

Good friends (and ice cream!) …

Chickens! (These are my friend Amber’s young hens) …

Fireworks …

Spot prawns … (have you ever had shrimp that tasted as good as lobster? These do!)

Hula-hooping …

My old backyard …

Snow on Mt. Baker … and snow jumping!

Mountain goodness …

And a little Seattle …

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Seattle Sunshine

Hello from sunny Seattle! Just wanted to post a quick note that I’m away from the NY/NJ area until July 9, and will try my best to return e-mails and calls within a few days from receiving them while I’m away.

And because a blog post is not a blog post with out a photo, here’s a goofy camera phone shot I got this morning as I was walking around the Seattle waterfront. Did you know Dwight was a Seattle Mariners fan? I didn’t either.

P.S. It really is sunny here in the Pacific Northwest. The forecast is for 70 degrees and sunshine for the rest of the week. Oh, and I have a great post coming up in the next few days from Neha & Joe’s beautiful wedding from last weekend. Stay tuned!


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