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A rainy Boston weekend and some ducklings

This past weekend I spent a day-and-a-half in Boston with my husband. We’d never been to Boston before, so I was really looking forward to it. Of course we were met with some very annoying rain, but even so managed to take a stroll through Boston Common with our trusty umbrellas. (Even if they didn’t do much for the wind and “swirly” rain!) Anyway, I just thought I’d share a few random images to document that I finally visited Boston. :)

Here’s a quick peek out from under my umbrella at these amazing puff ball flowers that are in the public garden area of the Common. I kind of get a kick out of the other umbrellas in the background.

I stood here mesmerized by the flowers for a little while. I think Joe spent most of the time on the phone with his dad. It was Father’s Day, after all. :) (I did call my dad, too. Hi, Dad!)

I don’t know if you noticed already, but the squirrel in this next photo is totally going in for whatever she’s feeding the birds. We found that squirrels around the Common had no issues with begging.

I was only walking around with a 50mm lens so I had to get quite close to this guy, but really … this is how hilarious (and friendly) the squirrels are in Boston. He didn’t even care that I was but 3 feet away.

And finally, who would have thought I could ever get this close to a momma duck and her sleeping ducklings? Maybe the rain was just drowning out the sound of my footsteps? But, oh my, these little guys were pretty cute.

Fun times. :)


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I can’t help but get excited when the sun begins to shine more each day. I’m sure you know how I feel!

This past weekend I made the trek up to the Bronx to visit the New York Botanical Garden. Things aren’t quite as spring-y as they were in my botanical garden post from last May, but it sure was great to see even the slightest glimpse of crocuses, daffodils and a few leaves beginning to peek out.

That’s right, folks. You see a hint of “spring green” in this photo:

These next few were shot inside the greenhouse, which was a nice warm retreat since the air was still pretty cool outside.

These are so cool:

I was also testing out a lens that just came back from a warranty repair. Looks like it’s fixed!

And the best sign of spring yet. A flowering fruit tree!

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The Caribbean Part 2 - Black and White

I love color photos. I even have this silly tendancy to shoot everything as if it will be a great color image. But, there really are times when the world of black and white must be visited. The images in this post were probably shot with my intention to keep them color, but after trying them in black and white, I fell in love.

Lately, I’ve also been adding just a tiny hint of warmth to my black and whites. You may or may not be able to see that warmth, but it’s there. I like that this one feels sort of magical:

This one gives me a sense of being in the southwest US for some reason:

Here I was stuck in a tour group and couldn’t get any closer to this cemetery. It’s an intriguing shot nevertheless, but I really wanted to get closer and do a whole study of this graveyard by the sea!

Now, this one I do remember shooting with black and white in mind:

By the way, all of these images were created in Puerto Rico. Which is your favorite, and why? And can you imagine the colors? Or do you even need to? Something to ponder…

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The Caribbean Part 1 - Color

Ok, it’s evident from my slow posting that I’m sifting through tons of photos from my recent travels. I had a tough time narrowing these down to a blog-friendly number! In this, the first of a two part series, I’ll bring you some of the Carribean’s sunshine in color images. In my next post, I’ll shift gears to the black and white side of things.

First up: San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Joe and I took a Segway tour of Old San Juan and the Fort San Felipe del Morro. Sure, that seems kind of cheesey, and they made me wear a helmet (which I hate!), but all in all riding a Segway is ridiculously fun. A few of these images were shot one-handed while coasting along on my Segway. That was interesting!

Here’s the entrance to the city of San Juan. (One of those one-handed images)

The colors of the Fort San Felipe del Morro:

Another one-handed shot. I like the shadows.

These men were standing just a couple doors down from each other. I thought this was interesting.

Next up, here are a few from the island of St. Kitts. We spent almost the entire day at this beach. Ah, relaxing.

I just wanted to take these piranhas home with me.

Winding roads, to and from the beach.

And now, a few from St. Maarten.

I always find it interesting to photograph people simply “at work.”

And finally, one that doesn’t belong with the rest; here’s a shot that Joe took of the two of us.

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San Felipe del Morro

I may have promised warm and sunny photos from my vacation, but this one caught my attention during my first run-through of vacation images. The sky was definitely cooperating as we neared San Juan. Here’s a view of the fort of San Felipe del Morro from our ship as we arrived.

More photos to come soon!


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