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Summer Sunset

As I sit here at my desk with a blanket wrapped around me on this chilly morning, I can’t help but wonder where the summer has gone. Maybe you’re all thinking I’m behind the times. (I mean, come on Sarah. Labor Day was weeks ago!) But the truth is, we still technically have four more days until autumn officially sets in. So, I’m celebrating the tiny bit of summer I have left with a few images from my favorite sunset of the season. These were shot on July 17, from the shores of Lake Michigan, the evening before Cassandra & Joe’s wedding. Nothing beats a Lake Michigan sunset.

The delicate colors, clouds, and waves converge to begin the series:

A few daisies join the party:

The colored light plays on the surface of a Petoskey Stone, the state stone of Michigan:

The drama goes into full swing:

More light plays with beach grass and rocks:

A shot directly into the sun produces a fun lens flare:

I went a little ways down the shore to catch the final moments amid some marshy grass:

And the colors of the night set in:

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A fun family session - Lake Michigan

I promised to blog a few more of this super fun family. Now that a few weeks have gone by, I’ve shot a couple more weddings, done a few more portrait sessions, and processed a mountain of images, I’m finally getting around to blogging! Don’t worry, I think it was just a phase … I’m not going to turn back into the blogger I once was. (The one that only blogged once a month!) I’m back. And better than before. And, apparently, going all out with the cliches.

I guess you could say I’m a one-track sort of photographer. Weddings are my thing. I market myself only as a wedding photographer on my main website (I know. Crazy, right?), but I do get the occasional request for family photos from my wedding clients. July was one of those months where it seemed most of my clients were requesting family sessions, whether it was for themselves or their siblings, cousins, etc. And all of these families had children of varying ages, from newborn to 6. So, I welcomed the change of pace, and also the challenge of children’s photography!

You’ve already seen a similar image from the last post, but I really like this wider version. And I think they did too, as a 20×30 canvas print of it will soon adorn the wall of their family room!

I never expect kids to sit and smile for the camera too much, so I like to work to capture personalities rather than cheesy smiles. The beach proved the perfect location for that as these little guys took full advantage of the great expanse of the beach, running everywhere.

And, I’ll admit, they did look pretty cute when we actually lined them up in a row.

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Cassandra & Joe - A Bay Harbor, Michigan, Wedding

Last weekend I photographed Cassandra and Joe’s wedding at Bay Harbor Resort in northern Michigan. I can’t say enough great things about this resort or about the lure of a “destination wedding” right in this bride and groom’s home state. It’s so very cool for couples from the Detroit area (or anywhere in Michigan!) to be just a few hours from white-sand beaches and clear blue waters that have the glamour of the Caribbean, but are only missing the palm trees. Cassandra and Joe chose Bay Harbor because it is seriously one of the very best locations along the lake. Absolutely stunning.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their day:

Cassandra has such a fun, sincere happiness about her. I certainly didn’t have to work very hard to catch her smiling!

And Joe is quite simply Cassandra’s true match: one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!

Seriously, look at this gorgeous bride and her genuine smile!

They opted for a “first look” moment before the ceremony which meant for some GREAT images of sincere, expressive, adorable interactions between them. Here they are at the very moment they saw each other for the first time.

I’m not kidding when I say this one’s a match made in heaven. :)

With all the smiling they were doing, you might not have noticed it was a rainy, chilly day.

The lake was pretty rough and the wind was blowing strong … but all I saw was the perfect opportunity for a beautiful, warm, vintage-style image and a couple totally in love!

The ceremony was held under a tent because of the rain, but I was really digging the light that still made it into these photos! The white made these flowers pop and I love this little guy’s expression as he walked in. :)


I just love that Joe appears to be showing off his new ring in this shot!

The bridal party was truly a group of super-happy people.

Cassandra and Joe performed a choreographed first dance that was a little jazzy and very fun. I loved how they looked completely lost in this moment … like no one else was in the room but them.

The dip. :) I was really loving the glossiness of the floor and their reflection.

Dad and daughter … Mom and son …

And then the ring bearers got the party rolling!

We took a few moments near sunset to grab a few more romantic portraits.

Hot, hot, hot!

I had such a great time at this wedding!! Cassandra and Joe, thank you so much for having me!


Oh, and I wanted to give a little sneak peek to the groom’s brother’s family … I did a family session with them the day before the wedding. Here’s a little teaser for now! :)

I’m also enjoying a fabulous time visiting with some family while I’m here (I grew up in Michigan!) and even photographing old friends’ families and children. It’s not completely typical for me to be doing so many extra portrait sessions during wedding season, but I’m finding it hard to pass up such great opportunities as to photograph on Lake Michigan or to do portraits of my college roommate’s newborn baby! I’ll post an image or two of those in a few days, too.


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