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Erica + Rob - New York Wedding Photography

This was indeed a fabulous event set against the backdrop of the New York City skyline. Erica and Rob were so beautiful inside and out, and I had such a great time photographing their wedding, which took place aboard the Lady Windridge Yacht, and sailed out of Weehawken, New Jersey. The ship cruised around the island of Manhattan and guests seriously ooh-ed and ah-ed throughout the night. Did I mention it was fabulous? Here are a few images from their day.

The Empire State Building and the bow of the Lady Windridge:

Erica’s bouquet incorporated a set of pearls passed down to her from her grandmother. It was very beautifully done.

She was a fabulous bride. Fitting with her fabulous wedding.

I love this relaxed shot I captured of Rob as he boarded the yacht.

Yet another outdoor wedding where rain was forecast (100% chance!) and never showed up. Thank you Tropical Storm Danny for heading out of the area just hours before the ceremony!

Some of my absolute favorite ceremony shots are often during the vows. I love “seeing” their words. Can you see them?

Nancee, the yacht’s super-talented coordinator, brought us out to the bow for some amazing views after the ceremony. I love this one.

I never knew what these guys were going to do next. :)

The lights of the city at dusk. And a beautiful couple.

This sequence made me laugh out loud when I was first going through these images. I had to include it here. The dancing on the top deck was so much fun.

As the couple danced away, we spotted the Statue of Liberty.

I feel like these last two images speak to the way every couple feels on their wedding day. Like everything is so amazing you have to be pinched to make sure it’s real. :)

I had so much fun at this wedding. Thanks, Erica and Rob, for having me along!


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Yaeko & Eric - New York Wedding Photography - Fort Tryon Park

Yaeko and Eric probably thought it was going to rain on their wedding day. From their love story you’d have expected a rainy day too. They met on a rainy day. Their first date was on a snowy day in which the New York Times published the article, “In Wind, Snow, Cold and Frustration, a Dangerous Storm.” On the day of their engagement in Kyoto, Japan, rain was also falling. They were due for a rain-free day.

Still, the threat of thunderstorms loomed and sprinkles fell the morning of May 16. And then, an hour before the ceremony, the sky cooperated. The folks at the New Leaf Cafe even waited until the very last moment to make the call to hold the ceremony outdoors!

But first, here are a couple of shots as they went about their preparations for the day.

Here’s Yaeko. (I have this thing with double mirrors and the rule of thirds. I can’t help it!) ;)

And here’s Eric.

I couldn’t hold back from posting almost ALL of my favorite images from the First Look. If ever there was a wedding that proved it’s ALL GOOD to see each other before their ceremony, this was the one.

I love how I can’t plan for any particular expression. It’s so beautiful and so genuine!

This image has so much emotion and sparkle. I love it.

Aren’t they perfect?

The ceremony was at the Linden Terrace of Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. The backlight and glow through the trees was really phenomenal. You’d never know it was meant to thunderstorm.

A traditional moment of Japanese sake sipping …

Music is important to both of them (Eric went to Juilliard) and the string quartet received a standing ovation from guests!

One of my absolute favorites:

This was my third wedding this May, and the third bride in a row with a peony bouquet!

We had time for a ton of photos after the ceremony in the beautiful evening light. Even though there are so many other tender moments, I just thought this image epitomized Yaeko and Eric’s natural silliness. :) Either their timing was a little off or Eric can jump really high!

Yaeko folded all of the origami favors for her guests. Each was completely unique!

And as much as I would like, this post can’t go on forever. ;) I’ll leave you with a sweet dancing shot:

Oh, OK. And one more with their dog, Ringo. It’s out of order, but oh-so cute!

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