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The REAL Winter Wonderland - North Jersey Photography

When I woke up yesterday, this is what I saw. You might be sick of hearing about it, but this former-Michigander still loves her a snow day.

A few interesting compositions out the window.

I overheard one of my friends call it “Slurpee Snow.” Here’s proof in the way it stuck to the windows.

I don’t know if we got the 10 inches that Central Park seems to have reported. I’d say it was around 6-8 inches. This shot was taken at about 4 PM, after the majority of the snow had fallen.

Yep, I’m going to say (in my expert opinion, haha) that we only got about 6-8 inches in Rutherford, NJ. But it sure was beautiful!

Later, Joe and I couldn’t help but take a walk through the bright reflected light at about 10 PM. It’s quite eerie really, shooting at NIGHT in light that allows one to actually HAND-HOLD an iPhone and still get a clear picture. (Yes, this was shot on my iPhone with no editing, but I still think it’s pretty cool.)

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Jessica & Greg ~ NJ Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

About a week ago, I had the honor of hanging out for a couple of hours with this super cool couple. I think it was actually the peak day for autumn color this season; the perfect moment of oranges, yellows and reds on trees still full of their leaves. The parking lots of the NJ Botanical Gardens were absolutely packed with people taking advantage of the beautiful day.

Jess and Greg are getting married next July, and just from this session, I know for a fact their wedding is going to be so full of love and laughter. I can’t wait! Here are a few of my favorites from this totally delightful engagement session:

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite favorite, but this is definitely one of them:

And, wow. Where did spring come from?! Were these pink leaves not the coolest find?!

What a PERFECT session! Thanks, Jess and Greg, for rockin’ it!


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