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Check these two out!

I just received a mobile photo from my friend Kim who is enjoying one of the biggest photographer trade shows of the season in Nashville, TN - ImagingUSA. It’s hosted in a different city each year by Professional Photographers of America. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the conference this year, but I’m definitely enjoying the tweets and Facebook statuses of my fellow photogs who are there learning lots and enjoying all of the photo industry excitement!

Sarah and Drew’s super-cute CD case is on display in the MpixPro booth at ImagingUSA. How cool is that? I love it that my clients are looking fabulous while thousands of photographers stop by the MpixPro booth!

Did I mention I LOVE MpixPro for printing/assembling all of my DVD cases and image boxes? They totally rock!


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Washington DC Photo Weekend

Joe took me on a little road trip to DC last weekend. We actually visited Baltimore as well, and ended up only spending about 5 hours in DC, but it was really nice to get away! (After our drive to and from Michigan over Thanksgiving, a drive to Maryland is like a cake walk.) Although it was really cold, we had a great time wandering down the National Mall. My fingers froze and my camera battery was low (it conked out after about a half hour!) but here are a few snaps I thought you might enjoy:

I love it that there were still a few leaves on the trees here, but everyone was still bundled up in their hats and mittens:

Maybe I got a little carried away with the flags. I just enjoyed the patterns.


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Jillian + Kyle - A Central Park Engagement Session

What can you do on a chilly, windy Sunday afternoon in New York City? Why not an engagement session? :) This fabulous couple and I had been planning on this particular afternoon for the past two months, since Kyle would be driving in from Pennsylvania. They had everything planned: Jillian’s super-cute red sweater, their perfectly faded jeans, and the evening after the session to be spent with family in NJ. I anticipated perfect fall colors and a mild day in Central Park, but didn’t quite get what I had planned! I’m always up for a challenge, and I had my good photo friend Nicole along for the ride, so we knew for sure that this photo session (however chilly) would be fantastic.

We split our time between the warmth of a hotel lobby and the cool air of Central Park, and I’m willing to say this engagement session has become one of my favorites. Jillian and Kyle, you were so awesome to tough out the cold; thanks for trusting me that we’d get great photos!

As always, here are a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they so cute together?

Here’s the hotel lobby where we spent quite a bit of time staying warm, and a great art deco doorway:

We did manage to find some trees hinting at autumn and I like the fun color in the fallen leaves:

I loved Jillian’s shoes:

It was great that they could just cuddle to stay warm and forget about being photographed:

Jillian has such a great smile!

We also stayed warm down in the subway for a little bit. Totally worth it, if you ask me!

I always like to try to snap a photo of couples holding hands. This one is really sweet:

And I never tire of finding reflections in an image. I love this one:

Jillian and Kyle, I’m so excited to photograph your wedding next year! Thanks for making this engagement session so beautiful!


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Penny + J.J. - Point Pleasant Beach Wedding

Here’s a wedding I shot on one of the most gorgeous summer Saturdays we had this year. The ceremony was held at the beautiful Bayhead Chapel in Point Pleasant and the reception at the nearby Crystal Point Yacht Club. Check out my favorites from their day.

Penny, looking gorgeous:

Gotta love the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle.

Bayhead Chapel is so lovely.

How’s this for joy?

The beach is just a short block away from the chapel, so we spent a good amount of time doing photos here. Again, it was a perfect day! (I even made an appearance in this photo … I’m the shadow.)

This girl was having so much fun. It’s great to be a bride!

Their cake was fantastic, and I love how happy they look. (They looked like this all day, of course!)

Rings on a seashell. Love it.

I’m always on the lookout for “moments” during the first dance. I want to capture something different than just a straight shot of the couple dancing. I’m pretty pleased with the emotion in this one.

And finally, we used the power of my favorite camera (the 5D MarkII) to get a romantic shot in the dim light after sunset.

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Yaeko & Eric - New York Wedding Photography - Fort Tryon Park

Yaeko and Eric probably thought it was going to rain on their wedding day. From their love story you’d have expected a rainy day too. They met on a rainy day. Their first date was on a snowy day in which the New York Times published the article, “In Wind, Snow, Cold and Frustration, a Dangerous Storm.” On the day of their engagement in Kyoto, Japan, rain was also falling. They were due for a rain-free day.

Still, the threat of thunderstorms loomed and sprinkles fell the morning of May 16. And then, an hour before the ceremony, the sky cooperated. The folks at the New Leaf Cafe even waited until the very last moment to make the call to hold the ceremony outdoors!

But first, here are a couple of shots as they went about their preparations for the day.

Here’s Yaeko. (I have this thing with double mirrors and the rule of thirds. I can’t help it!) ;)

And here’s Eric.

I couldn’t hold back from posting almost ALL of my favorite images from the First Look. If ever there was a wedding that proved it’s ALL GOOD to see each other before their ceremony, this was the one.

I love how I can’t plan for any particular expression. It’s so beautiful and so genuine!

This image has so much emotion and sparkle. I love it.

Aren’t they perfect?

The ceremony was at the Linden Terrace of Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. The backlight and glow through the trees was really phenomenal. You’d never know it was meant to thunderstorm.

A traditional moment of Japanese sake sipping …

Music is important to both of them (Eric went to Juilliard) and the string quartet received a standing ovation from guests!

One of my absolute favorites:

This was my third wedding this May, and the third bride in a row with a peony bouquet!

We had time for a ton of photos after the ceremony in the beautiful evening light. Even though there are so many other tender moments, I just thought this image epitomized Yaeko and Eric’s natural silliness. :) Either their timing was a little off or Eric can jump really high!

Yaeko folded all of the origami favors for her guests. Each was completely unique!

And as much as I would like, this post can’t go on forever. ;) I’ll leave you with a sweet dancing shot:

Oh, OK. And one more with their dog, Ringo. It’s out of order, but oh-so cute!

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