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Aimee & Eric - A New Jersey wedding at The Tides Estate

Beautiful dress? Check. Perfect flowers? Check. Amazing couple in love? Check, check, check. I can’t say enough good things about how sweet and in love Aimee and Eric are. I could tell, even back at their engagement session this summer, that they were seriously meant to be together. I was so honored to photograph their wedding this weekend, and can’t wait to share some images. Here we go!

The shoes:

Aimee was so happy with her amazing bouquet, done by Vesna’s Blooming Boutique in Bloomfield, NJ. That meant I got to give the flowers a lot of attention in photos. I don’t know what it is; I always love photographing bouquets! Her earrings were gorgeous too, don’t you think?

Seriously, the room Aimee got ready in was amazing. And doesn’t her makeup look amazing as well? It was done by the super-talented (and past bride of mine!), Amanda Mathes. Her company, Fetch Beauty will be launching a new website soon too, so definitely check it out if you’re in the market for some true makeup artistry!

Wow, Aimee was a gorgeous bride:

Oh, what’s that? You’d like to see another photo of the bouquet? Well, OK!

I love this first look moment and how happy Eric is!

St. Joseph’s in Bogota, NJ, was such a gorgeous church for their wedding:

This was such a perfect, tender moment. Grandma looks so proud! I absolutely love it:

Did I mention Aimee loved the bouquets? :) Here’s another one:

Gotta love a bridal party with a little excitement:

Their reception took place at The Tides Estate, which just has so many great spots for photos:

The Manchester Room of The Tides Estate was the perfect place for these perfect details. Carmel apples for favors? Yes, please! And the red rose theme continued on the cake:

There’s just something about these moments. The chandelier, the couple, the smiles. I just can’t get enough:

The kids totally knew how to bust a move to music played by Premier Entertainment. I love this guy on the right; he was such a serious dancer! So cute:

I also love animated dancers. This is what the party is all about!

Aimee changed into this fabulous party gown half-way through the reception. Check out this awesome back:

Finally, here’s a nice moment in the courtyard area. I love it when I get an opportunity to work with soft lighting to create an emotional image:

Wow, wow, wow. I just loved this wedding. Thank you so much for an amazing time, Aimee and Eric! I hope you find a little moment on the internet while you’re in Thailand so you can see these!


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Ashley & Adam - 09/06/2008

I realize when my days get busier I find less time to blog. I’m not going to babble about why, folks. :) So, without further ado, here are two fun posts! This one full of beauty in the midst a really rainy day. And check back soon for another post starring the changing colors of fall.


I watched the weather anxiously as Ashley and Adam’s day approached. “Ninety percent chance of rain on Saturday,” was the refrain day after day. I dug a bit deeper to see why this might be. The answer? Tropical Storm Hannah. Or, remnants of the storm passing over the eastern seaboard. Apparently this was a day for umbrellas! Let’s face it. Every year, quite a few couples have rainy wedding days. But not many can claim that they braved a tropical storm for their nuptials. Ashley and Adam, you can!

^ The blustery winds begin!! Just a sprinkle of rain before the ceremony, but we can’t let the bride get wet!

^ The church was so beautiful … modern, yet so classic with the organ pipes. I love it.

^ I love the tender smile on Adam’s face.

^ What a kiss!

^ And then the rain really began!

^ No worries, though … Ashley brought her rain boots. ;-)

^ We still managed to get some “album cover” shots like Adam wanted inside of the Olde Mill Inn. Rain, shmain!

^ Tender looks from the groom again …

^ These roses were incredible!

^ Let the dancing begin!

^ And then, the lights went out. Really! Hannah brought rain and power outages. But the party still went on! Kudos to the folks at Olde Mill Inn for pulling off a reception with a couple of generators and great candle light.

^ A gorgeous couple and a gorgeous wedding. It was so fun to be a part of!

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Season and Chris - 08.08.08

Love the repetition of dates … last year’s 07/07/07 wedding was a precursor to this year’s 08/08/08. Will there be a 09/09/09? I’m guessing not; it’s a Wednesday. But I’m up for it if someone is!

Here are a few gems from the wedding of Season and Chris. Enjoy!

They were married at Church of our Saviour in Secaucus, NJ. What a sweet little space for an intimate wedding ceremony …

Loved the color in the bridesmaids’ bouquets …

After a quick thunderstorm between ceremony and family portrait time, we caught this sweet light at Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken. Love it!!

Dad and daughter. So sweet …

Folks, you just never know what a groomsman might do at a wedding reception …

Congratulations again, Season & Chris!

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Jeanne and Neil - July 26, 2008

It’s not every year that a photographer shoots the weddings of two couples with identical names. In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve even had two couples in the past five years who had an identical name combo! But, this year, this was pretty cool.

My second Jeanne and Neil (only second in the date, not in the quality of the wedding!) were married in an outstanding, brightly-lit, little white church in the woods, Pilgrim Congregational in Warren, NJ. Loved it. Loved the way the light shone through the church windows, loved Jeanne’s easy-going attitude, loved that Neil appeared to be the happiest man alive the whole day.

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Jana & Joel - Married!

Jana and Joel were married this past Friday at the One &Only Westmount Country Club. What an amazingly beautiful day; a cool 75 degrees just before the heat wave later in the weekend. Jana’s choices of colors and flowers were incredible, and the Westmount proved to be the perfect venue for a flawless celebration.

Enjoy this preview of some photos that caught my eye!

^ As I said … incredible colors!

^ I love tiaras! Every bride deserves to be a princess on her wedding day.

^ Nothing beats the look of true love on a groom’s face.

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