Neha + Joe | Indian Wedding Photos

Neha and Joe were married at the Westminster Hotel last weekend and wow-o-wow was this wedding beautiful. I don’t actually have enough words like gorgeous, beautiful or stunning to do it justice so I’ll use photos. :) Here we go!

Neha. Looked. Amazing.

Joe’s attire:

One of my very favorite “First Look” groom expressions yet. :) This is way cute.

The fountain area outside the hotel was a great spot for some images of the bride and groom.

OK, I was totally loving the sky that day.

It was pretty hot outside, so we used the super-cool bar area in the hotel for some more photos.

This place rocks!

And now, on to the ceremony!

Not many of these will end up black and white (I’m too in love with all the color!) but I thought the moments where Joe was waiting behind this beautiful linen for Neha to arrive worked well.

Here comes the bride:

There was a ton of laughter and joy in their ceremony. Everyone was having a good old time. :)

More laughter. :)

And then a little fire …

All the other married women took a few moments to whisper advice in Neha’s ear at this part of the ceremony. I love the sweet look on her face as a secret is being passed on to her.

And finally, I love this kiss shot. Most of their family had gathered close around them by this point, and I had to bump a few elbows so I could get in there too. :)

The cocktail hour began with some amazing sitar background music. Check out how intricate the carvings are on this sitar.

Both bride and groom had a wardrobe change after the wedding. This wasn’t the first wedding this year with a dress change, but it was the first with a change of the groom’s attire! :) I love this tradition.

Check out how relaxed and cool Joe looks in his tux.

The henna, the lilies, the sparkles … Neha had two absolutely gorgeous wedding dresses.

As the reception began, these two little ladies got right down to business: dancing. And the DJ’s lightshow certainly added to their entertainment.

Lillies, colorful lights, and an amazing ballroom space all made the Westminster Hotel a venue to be envied.

During their first dance, I don’t think Joe stopped smiling.

And Neha led the dances as the night went on.

But not to be out-danced by Joe.

LOVED this crowd. Best guests ever.

And because I can’t blog forever (I wish I could!) I’ll leave you with another colorful image of Neha and Joe during a toast.

Neha and Joe, thank you so much for being a super fun couple who enjoyed your wedding day so much! The love between you shows so much in these images. Lisa and I had so much fun photographing you, and we’re so incredibly happy for you!


  • Nicole Haley said:

    Is it just me or is the bride just totally glowing!? Gorgeous, Sarah!

  • Lisa Walsh said:

    I LOVE the shot of her holding the bouquet against that gorgeous blue dress. Thanks so much for letting me tag along!

  • Amy said:

    Oh, these are GORGEOUS. and as the sister of the groom, i can say that you captured them both so perfectly. i, too, very much love the first look shot and they both look so beautiful in every picture.

    i can't wait to see the rest of them!

  • Kathy Pascale said:

    The pictures are beautiful and remind me how wonderful the wedding ceremony and reception were. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I have never seen my son look so happy and Neha looks absolutely magnificent!

  • Sarah said:

    Thanks so much for the comments. :) It was definitely an amazing wedding, and you're right about how happy both of them looked! I'm wrapping up editing here in the next week or so and I know you'll love them all just as much. :)