Sodo Park Seattle Wedding Photos | Lelia + Calvin | A Glimpse

Happy faces are the best. More from Lelia and Calvin’s New Year’s Eve wedding at Sodo Park in Seattle coming soon.

Happy New Year!

  • This photo brings me such memories!
    The New Year 2015 has arrived and the assembled guests are wishing the newlyweds off under a canopy of gigantic sparklers. I am a participant in a wondrous slow-motion parade that sings with hope and joy, incredibly proud and deliriously happy for Calvin and my effervescent daughter-in-law Lelia.
    Thanks Sarah -you and Vanessa were magically and simultaneously everywhere and nowhere at all as you artfully recorded the entire event. And you took my breath away with this photo.
    What a glorious time we all had at Sodo Park on the best New Year's celebration EVER. Cheers!

  • Sarah Postma said:

    Michael, thank you for your generous compliments! It was an outstanding wedding, and everyone was filled with so much joy! What a pleasure to photograph these moments!